The Dog, the Dog in the Maiden’s Blog

Let me tell you a sad story about a maiden and her PSP. Once upon a time, several years ago, this maiden had to move back in with her parents and their dog. This little dog had an evil magical ability. He could pee on anything. Things on the floor, things set on counters, and even things safely hidden behind closed doors. One day, the maiden noticed that her PSP, which had been safely hidden in her chambers, was rather sticky and smelly. That’s right, dear reader, the evil little dog had peed on it. There was no way to save the beloved handheld and the girl’s bank vault had ran so dry that the PSP could not be replaced. The girl lost some of her greatest and closest friends: Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Jak, Daxter, and even her monster hunter Aysun. It was a very sad time in the kingdom indeed.

Along came a wonderful prince that swept the maiden off her feet. Little did the prince know that the maiden was lacking something to help her into their happily ever after. He waited for the right moment, when he presented his princess with a brand new PSP! Balance in the kingdom had been restored and the prince had saved the day.

I must admit, it’s so awesome to have my handheld back. (Why not the Vita you may ask? I’m not really one to be greedy, the PSP was just fine for me still.) But I also have to admit that it’s so frustrating to start all of my games from the beginning. Now that I have a kiddo, I have so little time for gaming. I can’t stay up all night and expect to not regret it when the baby gets me up the next day at 7. It’s just taking me much longer to get back to where I was before. But here’s a good thing: it does totally put a silver lining on sick days! Speaking of which, I must get back to slaying monsters. Have a wonderful Monday all!



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