The Return of the Star Wars Kid

I’m sure everyone that has ever heard of the INTERNET has heard of the Star Wars Kid. (Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. I’m sure my mother has never heard of the Star Wars Kid and she’s a frequent visitor to the interwebs. But back to the point!!) Mashable just posted an article called ‘Star Wars Kid’ Blasts Bullies, Jedi Knights Defend Him. In the article, Ghyslain Raza touches on how the video (which was uploaded to YouTube without his consent) effected him in high school. Any nerd can understand bullying so I really feel for the Kid. Okay, okay, he’s now 25 so not exactly a kid, perse. But I feel for his whole high school experience! There’s just something about the internet, maybe it’s the anonymity, that brings out so many bullies. I have to admit, when I first watched this video I was laughing so hard I cried. But not because I was laughing at Ghyslain. I thought he had uploaded the video himself and thought the world was laughing with Ghyslain and in a way laughing at ourselves. Come to find out, the Kid was constantly bullied and laughed at for geeking out over something he loved.

I’ve always thought this kid was the bee’s knees. He was awesomely awkward, just like so many of us. I would’ve totally hung out with him. And today, I have mad respect for Ghyslain. He’s finally coming out of the shadows to speak against bullying and the victims.

I totally recommend checking out the Mashable article. Mostly to see what Ghyslain’s original video has inspired in other Star Wars fans. Man… I wish I was that coordinated!



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