World of Warcraft loses 1.3M players

Just wow (nyuk nyuk)… I happened to read this article on Geeks Are Sexy and it totally bums me out. Not just because 1.3 Million players have left but because the game just seems to be going the route of EQ. It’s not going to die out but it’s not exactly rocking it either. I’ve been playing since Beta (with a couple of breaks here and there) and it definitely doesn’t have the same feeling it did at the beginning. I remember when Horde and Alliance players could talk to each other in chat (before they added different languages), my friends ushering my toon naked through the Wetlands so that I could come play with them in the Eastern Kingdoms (I was the only Night Elf), Captain Placeholder (Captain P you’ll never know the emptiness inside as we sit ashore on Menethil waiting for a ride), raising enough DKP to get the last of my mats to finish the quest line so I could finally get my Anathema/Benediction, and joining one of the top raiding guilds and months later saying “F THIS!” when they called me at 4am to kill an emerald dragon (4AM!!). Pure Pwnage got it right, World of Warcraft is a Feeling.

Playing WoW has lead to a lot of warm fuzzy moments for me. I made life long friends (awwww) and earned the nickname Lunar from being on my guild’s forums too often at work (wtg <Lunar Chaos>). When my main char’s /played of 96 days 19 hours 12 minutes (and 9 seconds), it just doesn’t seem right to quit playing. But I must admit, the other night my n00b husband (God bless him) pointed at my screen while I was leveling my alt and asked if all of my friends were “there” too. It definitely sucked to explain to him that almost all of friends had quit and now I just play by myself.

Looks like I may needing to look for a new game. Lame.



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