It begins!

If you follow my Mommy Blog, you probably know that I am competing in the King of the Nerds People’s Nerd contest. (Don’t forget, you can vote here daily! Voting ends at the end of May.) Okay, now that my shameless plug is out of the way, let’s move on to the real meaning of this post.

When I first submitted my video, I must admit that I felt a huge sense of embarrassment. There was a tiny voice in the back of my head saying:

Great… now we’ll end up on Tosh.0 with a web redemption…

What was really the worst that could happen? I could be laughed at, there might even be pointing and laughing. Oh the dread! Don’t get me wrong, I love being a nerd. Why? Because we’re amazing. End of story. We can be whatever we want. We have the brains to be rocket scientists, the thumb dexterity to be a slayer of Nazi zombies, and the ability to either fix your computer which are usually user errors. So why then the sudden horror of placing a video on the interwebs that confesses my nerditude? I’ve never really nerded outside of my comfort bubble. But I am so happy that I did! Almost immediately some amazing things came about.

  • My family members and friends have rallied to vote and share
  • I’ve made new friends throughout the nerd community and have been invited to some fun events (though finding a last minute sitter has proven difficult…)
  • I’ve received a message from my favorite geek celebrities saying good luck
  • The video has brought out old acquaintances from high school and have definitely gone from acquaintances to friends

I can definitely admit that all most embarrassment has subsided. The very little that has hung around has been completely worth it. I’ve made some awesome friends and feel totally liberated about myself. Hence, this nerd blog! What can you expect here? Game reviews, cosplay squees, and possibly many, many Wil Wheaton reposts. Let’s do this!



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